There are many ways to use a personal computer to generate organ sounds. You can use programs that simulate organ sound for particular stop using synthetic mathematical models or programs that play recorded samples of real pipes in realtime. We prefer the second method for very realistic, high quality sound. Modern computers have sufficient performance to play many parallel real audio samples. The best-known software operating on this principle is Hauptwerk with unquestionable qualities and many available sample sets of different world organ. But it is a commercial, relatively expensive program, individual samples are charged also. Hauptwerk can run on Windows and MacOS machines.

Noncommercial Software

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The organ software can be used as freeware completely. Operating system LINUX , distribution such as Debian . Linux brings these important benefits:

  • Operating system is completely free.
  • The system is extremely stable and saves system resources.
  • Operating system can be customized for a single purpose: to play samples of real pipe organ. The user only turns on the computer and plays - nothing else. No unwanted messages, antivirus programs, updates, and other annoying interactive issues.

A good choice is GrandOrgue . This is a freeware similar (and partly compatible) to Hauptwerk. The main disadvatage of this program is little tricky and complex configuration. From this reason the program is rather for experienced users. For this program there are available some free sample sets - the best are:

Software for CECILIA

We develop custom software for generating organ sounds using real organ samples. Performance and sound quality is comparable with commercial samplers, but our system is designed for stand-alone devices, such as our organ module CECILIA .

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